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Your Source for High-Quality Metalworking Machinery

Your Reliable Metalworking Equipment Supplier and Service Company

To keep your machines as well as your business running smoothly, turn to United Saw & Associates, Inc. in Riverside, California. We supply brand new and used machinery components of superior quality. Also, we provide quick machinery delivery, service and equipment financing services. Our clients are:

  • Steel Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Fabricators and Erectors
  • Machine Shops
  • Start-Up Businesses

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the highest quality product, service, and repair that we would likewise expect to be provided to us. You can count on us to value your business as our own.

Ask Us for a Quote Today

Get in touch with us to know how much the service you need will cost. A free service quote may be provided depending on the nature of your request. If you want to learn more about our product line, just contact us and we will give you a quote free of charge!

Who We Are

United Saw & Associates, Inc. is proud to be a leader in metalworking equipment, consumables, and machinery service for more than 30 years in the Southern California market. We started as a family business and we still employ family and extend this alliance with our customers.

Evolving from a merger of three companies, United Saw has combined sawing and consumables, machinery and parts, and repair and machine shop into one company. With 70 years of combined experience, our personnel are capable of addressing any requests we may receive.

We strive to offer the highest quality in both new and used equipment. Our consumable supplies and parts are also the best available, ensuring long life and productivity.

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